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Due nuove specie di Euscorpius dalla Grecia centro occidentale


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Cari amici vi informo che due nuove specie del genere Euscorpius dalla Grecia sono state descritte.


Two new Euscorpius species are described, based on specimens collected by P.M. Giachino & D. Vailati in central-western Greece in neighboring Aitoloakarnania (Western Greece) and Fokida (Central Greece) regional units. No Euscorpius specimens were previously available from this area. The first new species, Euscorpius giachinoi sp. n., is very similar to a recently described E. birulai Fet et al., 2014 from Euboea Island, and is also characterized by a low trichobothrial count (Pv = 7, et = 5), a low pectinal teeth count (Dp = 7 in males, 6 in females), and long-limbed features. The second species, E. vailatii sp. n., is widely found in the studied area, and it is characterized by a high trichobothrial and pectinal teeth count (Pv = 9–11, et = 6–8; Dp = 9–10 in males, 7–8 in females)..


G. Tropea et V. Fet (2015). Two new species of Euscorpius from central-western Greece (Scorpiones: Euscorpiidae).Euscorpius, 199: 1-16.

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