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17° Congresso mondiale di aracnologia

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We cordially invite all arachnologists from around the World to attend the

17th International Congress of Arachnology to be held on August 5 to 11,

2007 at the Hotel Fazenda Colina Verde.

The official web site has the following URL:

http://www.ib.usp.br/~ricrocha/ISA17/ISA17.htm Please visit the web site

regularly for updates. Those who want to reach the organisers should e-mail

isacongress@butantan.gov.br or write to: Laboratório de Artrópodes,

Instituto Butantan, c/o Cristina Rheims, Av. Vital Brazil, 1500, 05503-900,

São Paulo, SP, Brazil. Anyone who wishes to receive the circulars by

ordinary mail should request them. We kindly ask everyone to advertise the

meeting where/to whom they think it would be appropriate. Those who consider

coming (even if the possibility is remote), please fill in the Preliminary

Registration Form that can be found at the official website.

This is the first time the International Congress is hosted by a South

American country. We hope to obtain the same success of the previous

meetings and match the success obtained by the IV South American meeting

which was held in 2003 at the same location.

The scientific programme will include lectures, oral and poster

presentations. Lectures will be held in two parallel sessions in lecture

halls adjacent to each other. Poster sessions and coffee breaks will be held

in a nearby poster hall. Overhead and slide projectors and digital

equipment for Power Point Presentations will be available. We can provide

facilities for workgroups on request. The programme is not finalized yet,

but we hope to include sessions on taxonomy, ecology, physiology, ethology,

biogeography, evolution and paleontology. The organizers would welcome any

suggestions at this stage. Participants are invited to propose sessions and

take part in their organization. A program of the lectures and sessions, as

well as a list of the poster titles that will be presented will be available

online as we near the event.

The Hotel Colina Verde -

http://www.hotelcolinaverde.com.br/eng/html/indexEng.html - is located

within the tourist area of São Pedro, 180 km from the Capital City of São

Paulo. The hotel lies in an area of 200.000 square meters, typically rural,

with various native forests and water fountains, with the privilege of being

right within the bucolic area of São Pedro, considered the Embroidery


Information about the Congress will be distributed via e-mail and in the


Looking forward to see you in São Pedro!!


Organizing Committee

17th International Congress of Arachnology


P.S. Io un pensierino ce lo sto seriamente facendo...

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